Kiwidownunder Leather   
​                             Leather goods
                            Handcrafted​ by
                               ​ Lilly king

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             ​​​ " I  will move mountains today with the power of positive words ! "
Welcome to Kiwidownunder leather .

As well as being a Horse Trainer and Lesson giver Lilly is a Leather artist and Saddler.

On this page you will see an example of her work, from Wallets , Belts, a Saddle, End Tables, and on up to               Leather 3 D Paintings..

Photo's were given to her of the clients horse, dog or person and she reproduced the photo into a work of​​ art
placed in a shadow box, with real horse hair, some even of a beloved horse who had passed away. They are one of a knid and each is totally handcrafted with every little detail.

Prints can be purchased for some of my work but most are one of​​f comissions.

​​​The paintings range from 12" x 16"  through to​​ 24" x 34".
Shadow boxs 24" x 30" and 3 " thick.​
Leather Crafter​
     ​ Lilly King​
​  clients ( Left )
       to be 
handcrafted in  
​​​​     on right.

Handcrafted and Hand Painted.
Finished Leather painting. 34" x 26"
Real feathers, beading and silver concho, fringing to need  3D effects.​
Real tusks, moss and pebbles for
Sails, tackles , ladders, ropes, waves
                all added effects.​
Chains, harness, bits, feathers etc added to the horse teams. You can touch   
                     ​and see the action on each handcrafted painting
Donation to the NRHA Youth Fund raffle.
End tables, which have glass over the 3D
leather pieces set down into the table.​
Real hair, bits, bridles, and other effects to this portrait of a Reining  
​horse stallion comissioned by a
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